Directors and Officers insurance importance has changed due to #MeToo

Directors and Officers insurance - Woman Holding #MeToo paper

The movement may have gained traction through celebrities, but it is changing workplace culture. The #MeToo movement took off as a result of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but directors and officers insurance (D&O insurance) changes are reflecting the impact in the average workplace. Over the past year, the movement has gained tremendous momentum. Companies are paying attention. Businesses are becoming enthusiastic about an array of changes that follow the #MeToo movement. “There’s now a swell of enthusiasm for the notion that women and men will not tolerate sexual harassment in…

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Towers Watson research indicates that inquiries into D&O insurance coverage are growing

A Towers Watson survey has shown that a growing number of corporate officers and directors are looking into the coverage that their companies have or need for protection against possible lawsuits, which indicates that there is an increasing concern over the broad range of risks to which they are exposed. The annual survey, performed by Towers Watson, a worldwide professional services company, was called the “2011 Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Survey”. It also determined that many American public, private, and nonprofit businesses and organizations have increased their D&O liability…

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The Beazley Group branches out into crime insurance market

The Beazley Group, a specialist risk insurance and reinsurance company, has announced that they will be expanding into the fidelity and crime insurance market. The insurer is striving to strengthen its presence in this particular market in the U.S. Aiming to broaden the scope of buyer choice within the market, Beazley has assembled a team they believe is capable of driving their aim. The group will establish limits of $25 million for coverage for both financial and non-profit organizations. Bill Jennings, among the most experienced underwriters available, has signed on…

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