Top Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve Party to Remember Throughout 2019

Safe New Year’s Eve - Sparkler

If you’re hosting a celebration to ring in the new year, take these precautions to prevent disaster. We’d all like to enjoy a safe New Year’s Eve, but when lots of celebrating mix with lots of alcohol, it can increase several potential risks. Therefore, if you’re hosting this year, it’s a good idea to take a few easy, affordable and effective precautions to keep your guests and your possession safe. As host, it’s your responsibility to do what you can to keep all your guests safe for the celebration. When…

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Super Bowl party hosts should review their insurance ahead of the game

Though many hosts of Super Bowl parties think that the main thing they need to remember is to have enough to eat and drink, there is one thing that they may be forgetting, which is to review their insurance so that they know who is responsible should their guests drink and drive. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) as the host of a party, it is not only considered to be appropriate and thoughtful to guests to make sure that guests who will be drinking can either stay over…

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Doctors warn that drinking and walking can be as dangerous as driving drunk

This year, many people have been listening to the requests of government officials and of insurance industry experts and are choosing not to drive after drinking, but many are surprised to hear that ER doctors are also stating that walking drunk can be dangerous, too. In fact, while these medical professionals are saying that you should have a designated driver when you travel home after having anything with alcohol in it, they’re also recommending a “designated walker.” Dr. Thomas Esposito from Maywood, Illinois’s Loyola University Health System said that pedestrian…

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