Prudential life insurance claims illegally denied says Department of Labor

Life insurance Denied - Computer

Over 200 claims were denied by the insurer, even though it had been collecting premiums. The US Department of Labor has accused Prudential Financial of illegally denying over 200 life insurance claims, even after the insurer had continued to collect premiums from the policyholder. This is only the most recent instance of a rash of insurers denying claims customers have paid for. A number of life insurance companies have been found to be denying claims made on policies that have been paid into for years. Many employers include supplemental life…

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New guidelines concerning federal Insurance Verification law published by federal agencies

The Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Internal Revenue Service have released new guidelines for the federal “Insurance Verification” law that will be enacted in September of this year. The law, often referred to as “One Nation, One Verification,” aims to make verifying health insurance less problematic. The law exists to augment to Affordable Care Act. The federal health is meant to make attaining insurance coverage easier for Americans, but this ease of access could create administrative nightmares as consumers purchase policies that will allow…

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U.S. Department of Labor allows more time for insurers to comply with federal law

Insurance companies are pushing for lengthy delays in the enactment of a law that would require them to summarize the benefits plans they provide. According to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers must summarize their policies to within four pages of easily understood content. The law is meant to provide consumers with a better understanding of the benefits they will be receiving and what their policies do and do not cover. The Department of Labor, however, has announced that it will not be forcing insurance companies to be adhering…

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