Delaware dental insurance plan begins for low-income adults

Dental insurance plan - Dentist with Patient

October 1 marked the start of the additional coverage as a part of Medicaid across the state. Starting yesterday, adults in Delaware who receive Medicaid will automatically receive a dental insurance plan as a part of their coverage. Governor John Carney signed the legislation to make this possible back in August 2019. The dental insurance plan was originally scheduled to be added to Delaware’s Medicaid in April 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed things until October 1, instead. Therefore, as of yesterday, people aged 19 through 65 years old who…

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Toothbrush startup acquires dental insurance company for total tooth care

Dental Insurance Company - Toothbrush and Dental Tools

Quip has announced its intentions to purchase Afora, taking the next step in its unique business model. Electric toothbrush startup, Quip, is acquiring Afora, a dental insurance company. Quip first started selling its toothbrushes online back in 2015. It has, since that time, built a substantial consumer network. The toothbrush company offers subscriptions for direct-to-consumer personal care products. As popular as its toothbrushes have become, Quip is lining up to become more than a toothbrush brand. Instead, it is expanding to be able to become a dental insurance company, too.…

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New dental insurance legislation passes Wisconsin Senate

Dental Insurance Children’s Dental Health Month

Lawmakers pass bill concerning dental insurance The Wisconsin State Senate has approved a new bill concerning dental insurance. This type of insurance coverage has long been a somewhat controversial matter throughout the U.S. Many consumers currently go without dental insurance coverage due to the costs associated with certain policies. Many also consider dental insurance to be inadequate, as there are many costs that are not covered by policies. The legislation passed by lawmakers this week aims to provide more flexibility to dentists who often wrangle with these insurance policies. New…

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Dental insurance bill passed by Wisconsin state Assembly

Dental Insurance

A bill containing a change to the current regulations in the state has now moved forward, despite opposition. Wisconsin’s Republican led state Assembly has just passed a dental insurance bill, over opposition from considerable business lobby. The bill was passed on a bipartisan vote this week to permit dentists to charge higher prices. The dental insurance bill is designed to give dentists the ability to charge more money for certain specific services that they perform. In doing so, changes have now been forced into private contracts that are already in…

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Dental Insurance: How Much Do You Know About It?

People like to purchase insurance for things we think are valuable, like homes, cars, business  and health. But we usually ignore the importance of one thing that we use everyday. Yes, we mean your teeth! We know that our teeth will affect what we eat and how we feel. Most of us pay attention to dental care only when our teeth severely ache. However, do you know heart diseases or strokes sometimes are associated with dental problems? In fact, regular dental care not only helps keep the mouth health, but also…

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