Should unvaccinated health insurance rates be higher?

Health Insurance Rates - Money

An Ipsos poll shows over 40 percent of employees feel that this would be a fair move. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Ipsos for Eagle Hill Consulting, more than 40 percent of American employees support higher health insurance rates for people who choose not to be vaccinated. This suggests that vaccinated American workers are seeking more punitive strategies for unvaccinated counterparts. Note: This article is a report on the findings of the survey and does not necessarily reflect the views of Live Insurance News, its…

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JetBlue and Delta accused of taking travel insurance kickbacks for sales

Delta Airline Travel Insurance Kickbacks

Two of the largest airlines in the United States are now each facing similar class action suits. JetBlue and Delta are each facing class action lawsuits accusing them of taking travel insurance kickbacks for selling policies. They are accused of failing to tell customers that they receive payments when they sell travel cancellation insurance policies. The travel insurance is advertised on the websites without mention that the carriers are paid to sell. The two lawsuits over the travel insurance kickbacks are nearly identical. They were both filed in September by…

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