Delaware Governor Carney signs storm damage fund executive order

Storm damage fund - Damaged house and car

Gov John Carney’s signature created the Delaware Resilience Fund Program. Governor John Carney signed an executive order at the end of last week, which effectively created a storm damage fund to help residents to recover from the recent destructive weather. The new program is meat to help residents to overcome the costs associated with recovery. The governor’s storm damage fund is meant to help people in Delaware who are struggling to cover the cost of recovery after having faced damage from the severe storms that happened earlier in August. The…

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Insurance rebates are coming to customers in Delaware

Delaware health insurance

More than 5,500 health plan holders in the state can expect to receive their refund in some form. The latest from the health care reform will come in the form of insurance rebates that will apply to more than 5,500 people in Delaware, which means that they will each receive their portion of a total of $734,278. These refunds are required of five insurance companies in the state that failed to comply with a federal benchmark. The goal of that portion of the health care reform was to help to…

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Delaware health insurance exchange enrollees are primarily older adults

health insurance exchange

The problem is that the long term success of the marketplace will require healthy younger adults to sign up. According to recent information released by officials in the state, the Delaware health insurance marketplace enrollments are made up primarily of older adults who are signing up for their coverage through private insurers. These marketplaces are the center of the Affordable Care Act within each of the states. They are the most public facing element of Obama’s healthcare reforms. The Delaware health insurance exchange is the place in which individuals are…

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Delaware insurance regulators recover $1.8 million in premiums after nine-month investigation

Delaware residents are in for some good news as Insurance Commissioner Karen Stewart declares the recovery of more than $1.8 million in premiums. The money was recovered from a number of insurance companies that have been under investigation for the past nine months. These companies had been the subject of consumer complaints, which were funneled to Stewart through the Department of Insurance. The funds will begin being issued to consumers next year. Fraud and malpractice have been a problematic issue for the state’s insurance industry for some time. In order…

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Caught texting while driving can quickly add up in fines

More than 31 states have now enacted texting and driving laws and eight states, including D.C. and the Virgin Islands have laws prohibiting all drivers from using handheld devices while driving. The state of Delaware passed their law at the beginning of this year and have all ready handed out tickets to more than 2500 drivers. In April the entire state of Delaware conducted a “one-day” concentrated effort to make everyone aware of the new law.  Over 350 people were ticketed for violations in that one day campaign. A spokeswoman…

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