Electronic proof of auto insurance coverage now accepted in Delaware

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Delaware drivers can now use their mobile devices to prove they have insurance coverage Electronic proof of insurance coverage is now viable for all drivers in Delaware. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Karen Stewart, has issued a statement concerning the issue in order to raise awareness of the passage of new legislation that makes electronic proof of coverage acceptable. According to the state’s House Bill w/HA 1, law enforcement throughout Delaware will accept electronic proof of auto insurance coverage from various types of mobile devices. Complaints regarding undue penalties to those…

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Caught texting while driving can quickly add up in fines

More than 31 states have now enacted texting and driving laws and eight states, including D.C. and the Virgin Islands have laws prohibiting all drivers from using handheld devices while driving. The state of Delaware passed their law at the beginning of this year and have all ready handed out tickets to more than 2500 drivers. In April the entire state of Delaware conducted a “one-day” concentrated effort to make everyone aware of the new law.  Over 350 people were ticketed for violations in that one day campaign. A spokeswoman…

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