Health insurance exchange plans up for review in Washington DC

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

Small businesses have a problem with DC health insurance exchange Plans for a health insurance exchange in Washington D.C. has been facing some challenges in recent months, many of which are coming from small businesses. This week, the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority reiterated that it was committed to establishing a working health insurance exchange for Washington D.C., noting that small businesses would be forced to purchase coverage from the exchange program. The committee did, however, announce that it would be working to delay the mandate requiring these small businesses…

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Insurance news from D.C. has regulators taking over major program

Insurance News Chartered Health Plan

Chartered Health Plan, the largest healthcare manager for lower income people, has had several processes questioned. District regulators in D.C. have released their latest insurance news, which has revealed that they have taken over control of the largest healthcare manager for low income residents in the city, Chartered Health Plan, following a number of concerns regarding “irregularities” among their finances. This is only one of many struggles that have been faced by the company, of late. The owner of the company, businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson, has undergone a number of…

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