Kaiser Permanente notifying health insurance customers of data breach

Health insurance - Data Breach

Millions of people had their data accessed after patient information was shared with advertisers US health insurance giant Kaiser is notifying millions of customers – both current and former – that it experienced a data breach when it shared patient information with third-party advertisers such as Microsoft, Google, and X (formerly known as Twitter). Members and former members will learn the results of an investigation Kaiser has stated that it conducted an investigation that determined that “certain online technologies” that already existed on both the conglomerate’s websites and mobile applications…

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Cyber insurance market growth is fast and healthy, says Swiss Re

cyber insurance market

As worries over the impact of a hack, data breach or other similar risks, firms are insuring themselves. Swiss Re released a statement describing considerable growth trends in the cyber insurance market. The reinsurance firm pointed out that businesses are starting to see the importance of coverage in an environment where risks are skyrocketing. The Zurich-based giant it pointed out that the cyber risks are rapidly rising in their complexity and frequency. The Swiss Re Sigma report titled “Cyber: Getting to grips with a complex risk,” provided considerable insight on…

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Cyber insurance policies carried by a falling number of companies

cyber insurance policies coverage fraud

PricewaterhouseCoopers has recorded a sharp drop in the number of firms with coverage in the last year. According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, the number of companies in Great Britain with cyber insurance policies has plummeted. Firms have rapidly dropped the expensive coverage even as they boost their security budgets by as much as twice over. This has occurred at the same time that an array of high profile businesses experienced cyber attacks and data breaches. PwC explained that firms hesitate to invest in cyber insurance because the coverage appears…

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Cyber insurance confusion causes gaps in coverage

cyber insurance confusion computer

This sector of the insurance industry is doing great business but policyholders may not know what they need. Businesses are very aware that they need protection against data breaches, but cyber insurance confusion is causing notable problems. Companies know they need coverage but don’t necessarily know precisely what that coverage should include. This is a very complex market, which makes it difficult to determine what coverage is needed. After all, the cyber insurance confusion doesn’t just start at buying a policy. Even assessing the damage following a major data breach…

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Cyber insurance more affordable as headline hacks dwindle

Cyber Insurance

As the hype over high profile data breaches subsides for a while, the premiums for coverage have fallen. Cyber insurance companies have responded to a lull in the occurrence of high profile hacks by slashing the rates they are charging to businesses such as health care companies and retailers to cover them against data breaches. This trend has been continuing throughout the first quarter of the year and has prompted insurers to cut rates. Over the last handful of years, particularly over the last couple, there have been some extremely…

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