A Curious Case of British Columbia’s Ban Amidst US Automation Optimism

Autonomous Car - BC Ban

While the United States gears up for a driverless future, with expectations set to see fully automated cars by 2025 and beyond, British Columbia takes a surprising detour. The province has instituted a new regulation, effectively banning the use of autonomous vehicles on its roads, raising eyebrows and prompting discussions over safety concerns and the future of the insurance industry. Autonomous Cars – A Green Light in the US, A Red One in BC The cutting-edge narrative of autonomous vehicles—heralded by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as…

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CSC announces the creation of the Insurance Cybersecurity Advisory Council

The Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has announced that it has created an Insurance Cybersecurity Advisory Council to assist in the creation of technology strategies and best practices for property and casualty insurers, life insurance companies, and annuity providers, so that they can more effectively control their risk of cyber attacks. This new Council is made up of IT and business executives from a wide range of different insurance companies and will work with the CSC in the promotion of awareness of the issue, and to help to educate the industry…

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MIT report highlights the importance of cyber insurance for the U.S. energy grid

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released a new report that highlights the U.S.’s need for a cybersecurity shield. MIT claims that the need for protection is most apparent with the country’s energy grid, which is susceptible to attack as it is governed by a myriad of federal agencies. The report notes that there is no single insurance policy that can accommodate the massive risk inherent with such a large energy infrastructure, but the government should take steps to procure multiple policies that augment one another to ensure safety. MIT’s…

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