Spending on cyber insurance skyrockets as high profile cases rise

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

The size of the problem associated with cyber attacks is becoming clearer as data breaches make more frequent headlines. The number of large companies and corporations that have experienced highly publicized data breaches is rapidly rising, and other businesses have not failed to notice; having responded with the purchasing of cyber insurance policies to help to protect themselves from the extensive damages that this type of digital attack can bring. Insurers that offer this type of data breach liability coverage are seeing notable growth in that business. At the same…

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Cyber insurance is making it onto more company shopping lists

cyber insurance theft id higher rates

As a growing number of hackers make recent news headlines, businesses are no longer comfortable without coverage. At the same time that it has become clear that even the most sophisticated data systems among the leading high profile companies can still be broken into by skilled hackers, the cost of those attacks is becoming increasingly clear to businesses of all sizes and they are beginning to purchase cyber insurance at an increasing rate in order to cover themselves against potentially devastating damage. This special form of risk and liability insurance…

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