Crop insurance changes are on their way once again

us crop insurance program

The USDA has announced that the farm bill implementation will go ahead with two more updates. According to the USDA, the implementation of the farm bill is continuing forward with new changes that will be made to the crop insurance regulations, which will impact both coverage and the types of options that are available to farmers. The farm bill changes will lead to an increase in the coverage levels for farmers through their insurance. Farmers will be able to obtain more coverage levels through the changes in the crop insurance…

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Crop insurance subsidy could come to an end for tobacco farmers

private Crop Insurance

Growers of these plants in Kentucky are strongly opposed to this new proposal to end their programs. An amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill was proposed, this week, by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) and Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), which would eliminate eight of the USDA tobacco crop insurance programs. This has caused concern to the Council for Burley Tobacco, which has asked farmers to contact their Senators. The council notified tobacco farmers of the changes that have been proposed for the crop insurance program and have requested that they contact…

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Crop insurance a key part of Obama’s federal deficit remedy.

President Obama unveiled his plans to tackle the federal deficit Monday. One of the ways the administration will confront the federal deficit is by making changes to the overarching agricultural infrastructure of the nation. Obama is looking to provide farmers with a $5 billion annual subsidy that will help them regulate the price of crops and purchase crop insurance in order to guard against natural disasters. This will remove the direct payment structure that has been in place in the industry since 1996, however, a move that has garnered a…

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