Crop insurance slashed through legislation for reducing expenses

Crop Insurance conservation

Growers may see reduced coverage levels in order to save taxpayers $24.4 billion over a decade. Two state representatives in Wisconsin have now introduced a bill called the Assisting Family Farmers through Insurance Reform Measures (AFFIRM) Act, which will slash crop insurance with the intention of providing taxpayers with savings over the next ten years. In the span of a decade, the insurance coverage cuts will mean $24.4 billion in expenses will be saved. According to farm subsidy program critic, Congressman Ron Kind (D), the crop insurance bill will still…

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Crop insurance receives more legislative attention in the US

Corn Belt - GMO Crop Insurance program

Legislators again consider crop insurance reforms Crop insurance in the U.S. is often criticized as being a major financial drain on the federal government. This type of insurance coverage is part of the federal government’s safety net for farmers, which is meant to provide farmers with financial support in the event of natural disasters and to ensure that they have an incentive to produce crops. The country’s crop insurance program has become the target for those seeking reform, with some federal lawmakers suggesting that the program encourages farmers to adopt…

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Crop insurance program changes are supported by some farmers

Crop Insurance cuts

Some growers in Kansas are giving the nod to a bill that would decrease newly converted land subsidies. Although it would be natural to expect that farmers would be entirely against legislation that would place a tougher limit on crop insurance subsidies, there are some that are expressing their belief that the move is indeed designed to protect their interests over the long term. The changes to the subsidies would mean a reduction for grasslands that had not previously been agriculture space. These changes have to do with the Protect…

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