Private crop insurance companies see shrinking returns

private Crop Insurance

These insurers have experienced a notable drop in their returns since the SRA was renegotiated in 2010. Private crop insurance companies are experiencing a notable downward trend in their return figures. This has been a consistent situation since the Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) was renegotiated in 2010. The SRA renegotiation between insurers and the federal government marked a significant change in the direction of that business. The change in returns have also aligned smoothly with the Risk Management Agency’s benchmarks. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency laid out…

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Crop insurance claims already increasing in Canada

Crop Insurance

As another summer comes with devastating flooding, farmers are already contacting their insurers. As farmers begin to have the opportunity to see how much of their land has been affected by flooding in Saskatchewan, Canada, they are submitting their crop insurance claims on an increasing basis. It is believed that the full impact of the flooding throughout Saskatchewan will not be known until the fall. According to Rae Groeneveld, from the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation, by July 29, there had already been 792 claims submitted, pre-harvest. He explained that “A…

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