Crop insurance in the farm bill is now up for debate in the Senate

Crop insurance program 2014

The cuts to the federally subsidized program are facing consideration by Senators this week. This week, the Senate is now debating the proposed cuts to the federally subsidized crop insurance program, as an element of the enormous farm bill which is also being considered. On Monday, the Obama administration said that it wanted greater cuts to the subsidies and coverage. They stated that they wanted more crop insurance cuts in the legislation, and that the farm subsidies should also be reduced. The current proposal would cost nearly $100 billion per…

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Crop insurance gets bigger as the latest farm bill’s costs rise

crop insurance program

The federally subsidized program will now offer a minimum of three new forms of protection. The most costly part of the safety net for American farmers, the federally subsidized crop insurance program, will now have at least three new forms of coverage available to growers across the country. The farm bill draft is currently pending in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It has been suggested that the new form of crop insurance could generate a cost that is 10 percent higher than the expense it currently generates.…

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