How to Save on Car Insurance in Michigan

Michigan Auto Insurance rates

It’s no secret, car insurance in Michigan is very expensive. For the fifth year in a row, Michigan has ranked as the most expensive state for Car Insurance. In 2018, The average car insurance premium for Michigan residents is 64% higher than the national average premium. So far for 2019, our own research has shown that currently Michigan drivers are paying on average $1,300 for a one full coverage vehicle. This is $346 higher than the national average. The national average currently stands at $954 per year. With premiums so…

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Homeowners insurance rates greatly impacted by credit score

homeowners insurance rates increase

Many consumers are surprised to find out how great a difference their credit history makes. As recent homeowners insurance rates calculations are revealing, credit is growing in its importance to Americans. Our daily lives are directly impacted by our credit histories, according to the results of a recent study. This includes the amount being paid in premiums for property policies. A recent study showed that people with fair or median credit scores pay an average of 32 percent higher premiums. The research was conducted by Quadrant Information Services. It was…

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Homeowners insurance in Colorado is more expensive for some

cost of Homeowners Insurance

Individuals who have bad credit are paying more to cover their properties, regardless of other factors. For individuals who don’t have a good credit record, if they live in Colorado, it is more than likely that they are paying more in their homeowners insurance premiums than someone with a better credit history but who has a similar property. The results of a recent study have shown that there is a massive difference in insurance premiums based on credit scores. The study was conducted by an showed that residents in…

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How ID Theft Can Unexpectedly Cause Higher Health Premiums

Credit Score Insurance Privacy

If we consider how ubiquitous the almighty credit card is these days, it’s not that hard to believe that we are well on our way to becoming a mostly cashless society. Unfortunately, this also means that ID theft and credit card fraud are steadily on the rise. The very real problem of identity theft can wreak havoc on an individual’s credit score. It could also quite possibly lead to expensive health insurance. The proliferation of credit cards and the people who use them in their daily lives placed more importance…

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Department of Justice proposes reform to stop insurers from using credit scores for screening

The government of New Brunswick has proposed a number of regulations that may stop car insurance companies from being able to include data relating to an individual’s credit score in order to determine whether or not they will insure them, and what their premiums will be every month. There were a number of draft regulations posted by the Department of Justice on its website for public consultation that would change the guidelines for underwriting by insurers. The consumer advocate for insurance of New Brunswick, Ronald Godin, began his push for…

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Massachusetts insurance agents withdraw ballot initiative to ban the use of credit score to price insurance

In September, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) launched a campaign to ban the use of credit score and other socioeconomic factors in determine the price of insurance coverage. The campaign was endorsed by Attorney General Martha Coakley, and MAIA had a goal of gathering some 70,000 signatures to ensure the issue was on the ballot for the next legislative session. Faced with mounting legal costs and pleas from legislators, MAIA has withdrawn its ballot initiative and will pursue an alternative method of bringing the issue before the Legislature.…

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Bad credit can make for a higher car insurance rate

As if things weren’t bad enough for people who have been affected by the mass foreclosures, job loss, and overall slumping economy; here is that proverbial “last straw,” that could be the back breaker. Everyone knows that a low credit score can determine the rate you pay on a loan; it can also determine your insurance rate. A recent survey shows that 92 out of 100 insurers use your credit score, along with other factors, to decide whether to write you a policy, and if so, what your premium should…

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