What are the Benefits of Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity Theft Insurance

Why should I get identity theft insurance? While others say that a subscription to credit monitoring is way better than having identity theft insurance, they obviously haven’t looked at the perks and the importance of identity theft insurance.  Credit monitoring should be taken for its literal meaning.  The word really stands for what it does.  But after finding out that your identity has been stolen, you are primarily liable for clearing up the charges on your credit card.  Yes, of course, your name can be cleared, but just think about…

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Citigroup failed to adequately provide data breach victims with identity theft protection

Following a large data attack in May, 2011, Citigroup did not offer the victims of the breach the same level of protection against identity theft as similar companies, leading privacy advocates to issue heavy criticisms. The breach affected more than 360,000 credit card accounts and Citigroup’s primary action for the victims of the hack was to distribute letters to them with recommendations regarding ways in which they can protect themselves against ID theft. That said, no offers were made by Citigroup to provide those individuals with a year of free…

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