How to Become Your Own Boss

Becoming independent and self-sufficient are two wishes of every progressively thinking individual. The desire to be dynamic, productive, and valuable is a noble perception of oneself. Why? It puts you in a position where you can positively contribute to the wellbeing of others, and most importantly, maintain control over your life. The result? You get to live a well balanced and fulfilled life. With that being said, here are five excellent tips that will help you become your own boss. 1. Prioritize your health and wellness. Becoming a boss requires…

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AgencyPoint launched in Maryland by Farmers Insurance

Insurance Jobs

AgencyPoint aims to recruit new Farmers independent business owners Farmers Insurance has launched a new agency recruitment and training center for potential Farmers independent business owners. The training center is called AgencyPoint and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. AgencyPoint was launched to address the insurer’s growing need for more personnel due to its recent expansion. Through this initiative, the insurer is looking to bolster its ranks of independent insurance agents in numerous sectors. AgencyPoint is open to all prospective Farmers independent business owners. New venture will provide business owners with…

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