128K Tennessee children’s health insurance plans were cut and many parents have no idea

Tennessee children’s health insurance - Child with parents

Thousands of kids were erased from the CoverKids and TennCare programs since 2017. About 128,000 children were purged from the CoverKids and TennCare Tennessee children’s health insurance plans over a period of two years. Unless they took their kids to the doctor’s office and were refused, parents had no idea it happened. TennCare and CoverKids are two government sponsored Tennessee children’s health insurance programs for low-income families. As over 100 thousand kids in the state were not covered by private insurance, the number of uninsured residents of Tennessee ballooned in…

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Tennessee children’s health insurance program will be federally funded

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

The state is about to save over $100 million over two years as the federal government picks up the tab. As the federal government takes over the majority of the bill for the children’s health care program in Tennessee, the state will now be able to save more than $100 million over a span of two years. The state has managed this by taking advantage of a provision of the Affordable Car Act that isn’t widely known. This windfall is certainly expected to be a helpful one, though temporary, as…

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