Health insurance study shows that there will be considerable changes in premiums in 2014

California health insurance

The research showed that while they may notably rise for some Californians, they will plummet for others. Next year, when the healthcare reform law goes into full effect, the results of a recent study have shown that there will be some considerable differences in the health insurance premiums that are paid by residents of California. Though this is wonderful news for some, it is not as pleasant for others, said the report. The research suggested that while some people in California will see their individual market health insurance premiums rise…

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Covered California wins additional funding from federal government

California Health Insurance

Covered California receives $674 million grant The California health insurance exchange, which is called Covered California, has been awarded an additional $674 million in funds from the federal government. The funds will help with the development and launch of Covered California, as well as power the marketing campaign that will promote the health insurance exchange. The funds will be issued to the state over the next two years, with part of this grant to be used after Covered California officially begins operation in 2014. Funds to be used to market…

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