Importance of hurricane insurance and preparedness underscored by NOAA predictions

Hurricane season 2012

Official storm season forecasts include eight Atlantic hurricanes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its predictions for the 2012 storm season, drawing attention to the importance of preparedness and proper coverage through hurricane insurance. The NOAA’s report says that there will be from four to eight hurricanes this year. It explained that these severe weather events will fall in among the nine to fifteen named storms that have a 70 percent chance of occurring before the season is up. Furthermore, among the hurricanes, up to three will…

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Property insurance rates getting more and more competitive

Homeowners may actually start getting a break on their insurance policies; at least in Louisiana. A few new insurance companies have started business there; where just a few years ago they were closing shop and leaving. The homeowner’s didn’t have a lot of choice as far as insuring their homes; if they could get coverage at all. Now it looks like change is on the way.   A survey done in 2008 showed Louisiana had the third highest insurance rates in the nation; leaving homeowner’s paying an average of $1400…

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