Utah residents consider cyber liability insurance following massive Social Security numbers breach

cyber insurance

Cyber liability insurance, a new neccessity for business and personal According to the Department of Health of the Western United States, a Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) server data breach may have compromised 25,096 Social Security numbers, causing many people to wonder whether they might be wise to consider cyber liability insurance. It is believed that the breach is the work of illegal hackers based in Eastern Europe. The outcome of the attack was the retrieval of the personal information of approximately 181,604 CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan) and…

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Do you need cyber insurance?

How safe do you think your company is against a hacker? A current survey showed that almost 52 percent of businesses didn’t even have security guidelines regarding their IT departments. Most businesses are ill prepared to combat the ever increasing threat of cyber crime; however, there are things that can be done to lessen your risks. When a computer security organization did a survey of businesses regarding security and crime they found that a whopping 43 percent had experienced some type of internet security breach in the last year. Hackers…

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