Insurance Fraud and its Effect on Premiums

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Auto insurance fraud is a costly problem Insurance fraud is quite prevalent, but not necessary always in the spotlight. Many people don’t understand how fraud affects the insurance industry or that fraud also has an impact on them as well. In the auto insurance sector, fraud has become quite common, partly due to the prevalence of certain laws and the that there are groups devoted to committing fraud in a highly organized manner. Some of these groups are lead by medical and insurance professionals as well. According to the Coalition…

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Insurance fraud costs South Africa’s industry $390 million

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Every year, insurers are paying for this trend and that cost is being passed down to the consumer. South Africa’s short term coverage industry is paying an estimated $389.6 million every year (4 billion South African rand) in order to compensate for the insurance fraud that it is experiencing in that country. There have been a growing number of cases of fraudulent claims over the last few years. According to Santam Ltd., a Cape Town based short term insurer, this year, alone, there have already been 79 cases of commercial…

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Auto insurance fraud to blame for high costs

Auto insurance fraud

According to the industry, it is the scammers and thieves that are to blame for consumers having to pay too much. Drivers in Ontario, Canada have been complaining about the high cost of auto insurance, and the industry in that province has now responded by confirming that these consumers are right, consumers are paying too much. However, the reason for these skyrocketing prices is that fraudsters are keeping costs high for the insurers. Massive investigations into the auto insurance rates in Ontario have been underway since the NDP (New Democratic…

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Report shows the discrepancy of auto insurance claims in New York City

The Insurance Research Council of Pennsylvania has released a new report concerning auto claims and insured losses in New York City. New York has become infamous in the insurance industry for the multitude of auto claims that come from the state. In recent years, more claims have been coming in to insurers, many of which have been found to be fraudulent. The report highlights the differences in claiming behavior throughout the state and touches upon the discrepancies found in claims. According to the report, personal injury protection claims have risen…

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