Long term care insurance discounts and costs vary more widely

Long Term Care Insurance Planning

A recent analysis has revealed that choosing the proper insurer can make a vast difference in the expense. A recent analysis has determined that there are considerable price differences offered among the leading long term care insurance companies in the United States, and that this knowledge could either save or cost consumers hundreds of dollars on an annual basis. This sector of the industry is in a state of flux, which is causing insurers to use different approaches to setting prices. According to the American Association for Long Term Care…

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Advocacy groups in Massachusetts call for a yearlong freeze on rising insurance rates

Massachusetts legislators are currently working with leaders in the state’s insurance industry to change how residents pay for health care. Meanwhile, two consumer advocacy groups have been vehement in their cries for a one-year reprieve from premiums increases. Residents of Massachusetts have been struggling with rampant rises in the cost of insurance coverage. Rising rates have forced some to make significant cuts in their budget to be able to afford coverage while others are now living without any insurance. Today, the Massachusetts State House will play host to a rally…

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