Canadians wrongly feel they have flood insurance with their homeowners policies

flood insurance storm damage

A recent study has found that 65 percent of people in that country believe they have protection they don’t. A recent survey conducted by Square One has determined that among the 1,500 Canadian participants, 65 percent erroneously believed that they had flood insurance included within their homeowners policies. This misconception about the coverage was more common in some provinces than it was in others. For instance, homeowners insurance customers living in Manitoba were the most likely to think they were protected against overland flooding. Equally, those in Saskatchewan were the…

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Arkansas farming industry calculate high millions in lost crops

Residents and farmers from the eastern part of Arkansas are getting their first looks at the destroyed homes and ruined farmland that have resulted from the massive flooding in that region.  Many parts of the state rely primarily on agriculture as their main industry.  According to the Arkansas Farm Bureau, an estimated $500 million has been lost in crops due to farm flooding, with an estimated millions more having been lost as a result of other damage such as to equipment.   The Farm Bureau also stated that agriculture typically brings…

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