Dental insurance may be inadequate among adults with health plans

dental insurance

A recent survey showed that people aren’t buying plans that cover a trip to the dentist, due to cost. The results of a recent survey have now been released and they have shown that dental insurance is among the health care services that people with health plans say they most frequently skip due to the cost associated with the coverage. One in five adults said that they had dental care needs that were not being met because they were cost preventative. The research was conducted by at the Health Policy…

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Dental Insurance: How Much Do You Know About It?

People like to purchase insurance for things we think are valuable, like homes, cars, business  and health. But we usually ignore the importance of one thing that we use everyday. Yes, we mean your teeth! We know that our teeth will affect what we eat and how we feel. Most of us pay attention to dental care only when our teeth severely ache. However, do you know heart diseases or strokes sometimes are associated with dental problems? In fact, regular dental care not only helps keep the mouth health, but also…

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