New commercial cyberattack study underscores importance of business cyber insurance

business cyber insurance

A recent survey revealed that almost half of participating companies had experienced some form of breach within a year. The importance of business cyber insurance is becoming increasingly clear to companies suffering from digital attacks firsthand on a rising basis. A recent study into cyberattacks aimed at companies revealed that almost half had experienced some form of attack within the year prior to the study. There were over 4,000 businesses participating in the survey, almost half of which had been attacked. The research results were included in a report by…

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Zurich American takes Sony to court over data breach claims

A new court case between the Zurich American insurance company and Sony – its client – may set a precedent for future decisions made regarding an organization’s liability and coverage at the time of a data breach. The insurer has stated that it will not cover Sony’s costs for the many class-action lawsuits that have occurred following the massive database breaches it experienced earlier in 2011, and is seeking the support of the courts for its decision. Sony has already reported that it anticipates that the direct financial cost of…

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Lloyd’s of London specifies cyber crime as a major insurance issue

Cyber crime is an issue of immense concern according to Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance providers. Risk modeling firms are becoming more concerned over what they are calling “the huge potential cost of data loss.” In the wake of the attack against Sony Online Entertainment, in which hackers made away with the financial data of more than 100 million user accounts, those concerns seem to be warranted. A study from the Ponemon Institute found that in 2010, the cost of data breach rose for…

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