Last year saw crop insurance payments plummet

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Since 2014 saw pretty good production throughout the year, the federal program had to make far fewer payouts. In terms of the overall 2014 growing year, the calculations by the Risk Management Agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture with regards to the federal crop insurance program have shown that last year saw a reduction in payments by 26 percent when compared to the figures from the year before. The agency report showed in 2014, there was a total of $8.8 billion in payments for yield and price loss coverage.…

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Crop insurance payouts may break double the previous record

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Some estimates have claimed that the payments will be greater than $25 billion. After crunching the numbers for this year’s crop insurance payments, it looks as though this coverage – which has been vital to farmers this year due to the widespread droughts and floods – it looks as though the payouts will be greater than $25 billion. This will be over twice the $10.8 billion record high that was set in 2011. This year, over 80 percent of the corn fields had crop insurance coverage. Clearly, this was significantly…

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Crop insurance in Midwest is increasingly strained

Corn Belt - GMO Crop Insurance program

The losses from these claims are continuing to grow in the Corn Belt. After a growing season that has already led to exceptionally high crop insurance losses as a result of droughts, the temperatures in the triple digits are now sending a new wave of claims through the Corn Belt, with record losses being predicted by experts in the industry. This problem has been made worse by the changes that decreased the premiums of some growers. It has been estimated that the crop insurance losses will reach almost $15 billion…

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