Democrats call Trump’s birth control insurance plan unconstitutional

Birth Control insurance

The administration plans to roll back yet another one of Obama’s health coverage requirements. The Trump administrations strategy to undo a requirement for employers to provide workers with birth control insurance in their health plans is a religious endorsement and it is unconstitutional, say a group consisting of 19 Democratic state attorneys general. The reason is that Trump’s plan allows an employer’s religious objections to block an employee’s coverage. Trump’s plan gives employers the opportunity to stop their employees from receiving birth control insurance on religious or moral grounds. The…

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Supreme Court rules against health insurance provision of Affordable Care Act


Supreme Court rules to overturn provision forcing companies to provide coverage for contraceptive care The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling concerning the Affordable Care Act’s provision prohibiting organization from denying coverage for birth control and contraceptive care on religious grounds. This provision has generated a significant degree of controversy alongside the other provisions of the health care reform law. The ruling from the Supreme Court may dispel some of this controversy, but it will also allow businesses and other organizations to deny coverage for contraceptive care. Ruling marks…

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Xavier University decides to cut contraceptive coverage for employees

The Xavier University of Ohio will be making cuts to the insurance it offers employees in July of this year. The university, which is one of the oldest Catholic colleges in the country, will stop providing coverage for birth control, railing against rules imposed by the federal government requiring all faith-based organizations to provide such coverage to their employees. The university’s decision has struck a chord with the Obama administration, which is now accusing the college of standing in the way of a regulation that would be beneficial to women’s…

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