Abortion insurance bill moves through Washington Senate

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The measure is now on its way to the state House, in which previous years have passed it. The Washington Senate recently passed an abortion insurance bill, sending it forward to the House. Should the measure become law, it would mean that insurance companies in the state that offer maternity care would also be required to provide coverage for contraception and elective abortions. Senate Bill 6219 passed the Senate with a vote of 26-22, including the vote of one Republican. In this vote, Senator Joe Fain (R) voted along with…

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ACA birth control insurance requirement undermined by Trump administration

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The White House has cut into regulations under the Affordable Care Act that employers cover certain women’s contraception. Right before the weekend, President Donald Trump’s administration cut into the Affordable Care Act’s requirements for birth control insurance from employer sponsored health plans. This step was taken as a follow-through with a promise Trump had made to his conservative Christian supporters during his campaign. The new rules will allow companies and nonprofits to register moral objections in order to receive an exemption. The updated birth control insurance regulations were issued by…

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Birth control insurance ruling will be laid down by the Supreme Court

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This will settle a broad scale dispute occurring between the Obama administration and religious non-profits. On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed that it would settle the ongoing birth control insurance dispute occurring between the Obama administration and certain religious non-profits. This will surely place religious freedom and reproductive rights in the presidential campaign spotlight. The justices gave the nod to hearing a challenge against the Affordable Care Act which will be made by seven non-profit organizations. Each of those different groups claim to have religious objections to the requirements of…

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Insurance companies don’t cover all forms of birth control

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The Kaiser Family Foundation has determined that the Affordable Care Act’s coverage doesn’t necessarily extend to all methods. According to the results of a new study that was published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, not all forms of birth controls are being covered by insurance companies without some forms of costs or copayments. These apparently include certain forms such as emergency contraceptives as well as IUDs. The majority of insurance companies have been required by the Affordable Care Act to provide full coverage for birth control so that policyholders will…

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Birth control insurance challenge heard by US appeals court

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A lawmaker in Missouri is opposed to the coverage and is now fighting it with the Hobby Lobby. Missouri Rep. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial), and his wife, Teresa, are currently battling the regulation for birth control insurance in state sponsored health plans, and is hoping that the recent Hobby Lobby from the U.S. Supreme Court will provide him with what he needs to decrease the rejection of his legal challenge by the court to the mandate from the Affordable Care Act. Arguments were heard early this week by the 8th U.S.…

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