Tennessee homeowners insurance customers advised to review their coverage

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The State Fire Marshal has recommended that they look into their protection ahead of holiday travels. The top fire official in the state is recommending that Tennessee homeowners insurance policyholders review their coverage before they head out of their homes this holiday season. The more people go away on vacations or even just to attend gatherings, the greater the risk of mishaps. There are a number of reasons that Tennessee homeowners insurance customers should be more aware of their coverage and of their own activities at this time of year.…

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Homeowners insurance lacking in over 9 in 10 UAE homes

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Recent findings from Zurich have revealed that the current trend is headed in a downward direction. It took a massive fire in a Dubai residential tower, last year, to truly draw the attention of property owners in the United Arab Emirates to the importance of homeowners insurance, but it looks as though the climbing trend has come to an end and is starting to drop once more. A recent study has shown that over 9 out of every 10 people don’t have their homes covered. The homeowners insurance study was…

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Homeowners insurance rates spike following last year’s bushfires

Tasmania Brushfires homeowners insurance

The cost of coverage has soared in Tasmania after the massive disaster of last summer. The massive bushfires in Tasmania that made headlines throughout the summer season, last year, are now having an impact – quite a dramatic one, in fact – on the prices that are being paid for homeowners insurance coverage. Property owners in the Tasmanian region are now seeing considerable increases at the start of this summer. In fact, the homeowners insurance premiums in Tasmania are now rising far higher than people in Western Australia and Victoria,…

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What Insurance Am I Legally Bound To Carry?

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With all the news about PPI or referred to as Payment Protection Insurance being mis-sold around the world, there can be some confusion as to what insurances we are required by law to have; and that number is very small. PPI was not required in most instances, if not all instances, for a loan to be approved. Yet people were told this and subsequently felt they had to have the insurance in order to be approved for the loan. And the mis-selling began. But what insurance policies are required by…

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Renters insurance still battling with consumer misunderstandings in Atlanta

Renters Insurance

Research is indicating that many tenants feel that coverage is less affordable than it actually is. Though the number of tenants is on the rise, according to national American statistics, over half are not protecting their possessions and their place to live through renters insurance. The primary reason that tenants have identified as a barrier to coverage is an inability to afford it. Recent research performed in Atlanta and other major American cities have shown that a misunderstanding of the cost of renters insurance is leading many tenants to refrain…

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Homeowners insurance policy changes on the way in New Zealand

homeowners insurance new zealand

Policyholders are being cautioned that they should learn about these changes to ensure that they are properly covered. Officials in New Zealand are warning homeowners insurance policyholders that there are some major changes on the way, and that they will likely be placing the liability for correct valuations on the back of the property owners. This announcement was from the Insurance Council of New Zealand, which is warning property owners to take necessary steps. Homeowners insurance companies are preparing to introduce a new method of sum-insured calculation that would come…

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Why Renters Insurance Is a Necessity

Renters insurance

When you rent a place to live, it is necessary to understand that the property insurance that your property owner has, does not cover your personal assets and belongings – This is where renters insurance steps in. Therefore, it is always advisable that you take out renters insurance before moving in. As a tenant, you may find this type of insurance necessary when you are going to share spaces with other tenants, the place is a temporary housing facility, has shared bathrooms or kitchens with the owner’s family, or the…

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