Auto insurance takes many non-driving factors into account when calculating premiums

usage based insurance auto

Rates are determined by many things, not all of which occur behind the wheel. Auto insurance companies take many different factors into account when they calculate the premiums that will be paid every month by their policyholders, but not all of them have to do with driving. There are many additional elements such as occupation, education, and ZIP codes that can also be included. A consumer group is now taking action against some of these behaviors by asking New York insurance commissioners to limit the ability of insures to apply…

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Auto insurance pricing draws ire of consumer advocacy group

Auto Insurance Survey

Survey shows consumers believe auto insurance pricing is unfair The Consumer Federation of America, a consumer advocacy group, has released the results of a survey it conducted last week concerning how people feel about their auto insurance coverage. The group suggests that, according to the survey, many consumers feel that they are facing unfair pricing practices concerning their auto insurance coverage. These consumers claim that their policies are being prices based on information concerning their occupation, education level, and marital status. Group finds that certain factors hold significant influence over…

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Health insurance survey show consumers want better communication

Auto Insurance survey

Pitney Bowes examines the state of the health insurance industry Pitney Bowes Inc., a company specializing in the development of software and hardware related to shipping, has conducted research concerning health insurance providers and how they are seen by consumers. The research highlights a number of aspects that health insurance companies may have to focus on improving while also drawing attention to the areas where these companies are seeing success. The research was commissioned by ORC International, a polling firm, and accounts for approximately 1,000 U.S. consumers. Participants were surveyed…

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Satmetrix benchmark study reveals loyalty leaders in American insurance industry

Net Promoter software company, Satmetrix, which is the customer experience program marketplace leader, has released its 2012 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for 22 different industries, including the insurance sector. As a whole, the study was broader than it has been in previous years, involving the participation of over 30,000 American consumers who provided their rating feedback about over 200 brands across the various industries. The benchmarks that it creates are based upon the survey responses from consumers across the United States who rated their various experiences with the top brands…

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Study shows that simplicity is a major factor for consumer satisfaction with the insurance industry

Simplicity is a major issue in the insurance issue. Many consumers have complained over the confusing nature of policies that are filled with language that even lawyers have trouble deciphering. As a result, many consumers end up skimming through policies and then ending up surprised to learn that the insurance they paid for does not cover the emergencies they need it for. A new survey from Siegel + Gale, a New York-based branding firm, shows that simplicity is an important issue for consumers in the same way that price is.…

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