Pennsylvania consumers report surprise costs not covered by their health insurance

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

Consumers are receiving unexpected bills from medical professionals that are not covered by their insurance policies Unexpected medical bills are proving to be a surprise to many consumers in Pennsylvania. Many consumers have reported surprise charges for their medical care, though they believed that their health insurance policies would cover these costs. The issue is placing some consumers under greater financial strain, as they were unprepared to cover the costs associated with medical care. The problem may be out-of-network care providers, which consumers are unaware of at the time that…

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Burglary risk can be reduced with a security system

The Associated Press has reported that burglaries in American homes are on the rise, as thieves seek to obtain items made out of gold, which achieved a top price of $1,891 per ounce last month. Gold jewelry such as chains, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, are all very easy to carry and can be sold in a melted form so that they don’t leave any trace as to their source. The same cannot be said about laptops, televisions, and other electronics. In order to reduce their vulnerability to this trend,…

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