Auto insurance remains high for Connecticut drivers

connecticut auto insurance

Motorists in the state won’t be experiencing any relief from the higher prices that they pay for coverage. Drivers in Connecticut are paying a higher price for auto insurance than other Americans across the country, and studies are now revealing that there are a number of reasons that motorists in that state face higher coverage costs. The high cost of living and higher income levels have always been contributors to higher premiums. Studies are indicating that there are a number of new and growing reasons that people in Connecticut are…

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Workers compensation law expansion considered by Connecticut police

Workers Compensation insurance

The union in question is the one that responded to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The union representing the police that responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December has expressed that it remains hopeful that changes will be made to the workers compensation laws in Connecticut in order to lengthen the benefits available to first responders. They are seeking this change for individuals struggling with mental illness after responding to such an incident. They feel that when first responders are involved in traumatic events such…

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Health insurance exchange in Connecticut is moving forward

Connecticut health Insurance

The healthcare reforms in the state are now well under way, making it one of the furthest along. Connecticut has been one of the states that is moving forward with its health insurance marketplace at the fastest race, allowing it to take one of the lead positions in preparing to enroll residents in October through the new online exchange. Though the state’s efforts are progressing well, it has learned that there are some challenges with being first. The team at the state’s health insurance exchange – a quasi-public marketplace –…

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