Insurance industry praises proposed change to Connecticut tax plan

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy

Revised tax plan could reduce financial strain on insurance companies Insurance companies in Connecticut are praising a proposed tax change that could result in some financial breathing room. Governor Dannel Malloy and several other lawmakers have proposed a significant change to a tax plan that would have placed the insurance industry under greater financial pressure. The tax plan does not target the industry specifically, but it would have an impact on insurers as the tax plan has to do with data processing. Original tax plan had called for an increase…

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Insurance news reveals that Connecticut is losing its industry share

Insurance news jobs

A new analysis has shown that employment recovery has been occurring nationally, but is declining in the state. The results of a recent analysis making insurance news have shown that while the industry is showing employment improvements across the country, Connecticut’s own share has been on its way down. Jobs within the life insurance sector of the industry have been plummeting in the state for 5 years. Traditionally in Connecticut employment market, the financial and insurance sectors have played very important roles. In fact, Hartford is often the center of…

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Connecticut seeks to reclaim its top ranking in terms of insurance by bringing in more captive groups

Connecticut is looking to re-establish itself as the insurance capital of the nation. Legislators are currently working on a plan to encouraging more companies that specialize in captive insurance to come to the state. Captive insurance is a form of self-insurance used often in the insurance industry. Captives are typically spin-off insurance groups that provide coverage for their parent company. This allows large insurers to take more risks and explore new investment ventures. They would also bring more jobs to the state and could help bolster the economy. According to…

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Connecticut looks to strengthen its defense against natural disasters with new legislation

Connecticut’s governor, Dannel Malloy, has announced that he will be introducing new legislation that could establish new performance standards for the state’s utilities companies. These new standards would require utilities companies to adopt more assertive practices in the event of natural disasters and other emergency situations. The recent spate of catastrophes in the U.S. has led to the formation of the legislation, especially as insurers warn that disasters could have significant and long lasting effects on the state’s economy. Hurricane Irene struck the state in April last year, causing significant…

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Connecticut Department of Insurance focus is on transparency and synergy with the insurance industry

The Connecticut insurance industry is entering a period of change, according to the state’s Department of Insurance, and state officials are looking to make the transition into new laws and regulations as smooth as possible. Regulators from the department have begun reaching out to other regulatory agencies and consumers in order to assist with issues arising from changes made to the industry. The changes come from both state and federal laws that seek to make insurance more accessible to a greater number of people whilst increasing consumer benefits. Speaking at…

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