Consumers are favoring shopping online for auto insurance coverage

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Report highlights the trends directing consumer purchasing behavior More consumers are beginning to shop online for auto insurance coverage, according to a new report from comScore. The report highlights the trends that are beginning to emerge in the overall auto insurance industry, with these trends likely to play a major role in directing the shopping behavior of consumers in the future. The report is comprised of information gathered from more than 3,000 drivers throughout the United States, with this information being gathered between August and September of this year. Majority…

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Allstate’s acquisition of Answer Financial and Esurance reflects a change in consumer insurance shopping habits

Allstate Insurance has announced that it has acquired Answer Financial and Esurance, which underlines the continuing changes in the way that consumers shop for their auto insurance. According to Online Auto Insurance (OAI), it also illustrates a number of opportunities that have arisen from these changes so that insurers. An increasing number of consumers in the United States have been buying their auto insurance policies directly from the insurers through their websites, as opposed to speaking with an agent. This trend has led some of the larger insurance companies, such…

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Trends reveal huge growth in online insurance purchases

Last week, Allstate announced their acquisition of Esurance, the online auto insurance provider. The purchase was billed as an effort to expand Allstate’s online market, providing customers with more options and flexibility when purchasing coverage. There is another factor that may have contributed to the acquisition, according to a new report released by comScore, a global source of digital market intelligence. The firm conducted a survey in the U.S. that suggests that the online market is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. The survey shows that, of those participating, 20% of…

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