Things to Know Before Taking an Auto Loan

auto loan

Having a car to your name these days has become a necessity. People cannot rely on public transport as much as they used back in the day. Nowadays people want mobility and flexibility when it comes to traveling, going to work, to the grocery store, etc. and private cars enable that.  But, one of the biggest problems that all of us face is the price of the car. Too often, people don’t have the amount required for a car and they search for solutions. The most common solution is taking…

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Insured motorcycle drivers in Massachusetts get ready for refunds

An announcement from Attorney General Martha Coakley has stated that Massachusetts motorcycle owners who have been overcharged by their insurers will be receiving over $5.6 million more in refunds following the most recent settlements. All told, there are 15 motorcycle insurance companies involved in the settlement with the attorney general, agreeing to refund almost $40 million to their policyholders in Massachusetts. Coakley’s press release, which announced the settlement, said that she is satisfied with the investigation that was initiated by the complaint of one customer, but that “has resulted in…

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