Cutting Car Insurance Premiums for Teenage Drivers

teen driver auto insurance

Adding a teenage driver to a family automobile insurance policy can double your insurance costs depending on where you live, among other factors. A July survey, showed that premium increases for adding a teenager can range from an astonishing 116 percent in Arkansas to a modest 18 percent in Hawaii. The rate increases reflect the higher risk associated with young drivers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the fatal crash rates for 16-19 year-old drivers is three times higher than the fatality rate for drivers who are…

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Online Low Mileage Car Insurance Discount With No Deposit Or Credit Check Required

Mileage tracking feature in the future for OnStar

PRESS RELEASE: A reputed national service online is providing assistance to secure car insurance discounts for low mileage driver, teenage drivers, student driver and young drivers as per reports appearing in a section of the Press. The company has announced a “Pay-As-You-Go program” with discounts being offered on premiums ranging from 25% to 50% on the solutions that they provide. It is being reported that some reliable and reputable services are helping people to get car insurance low mileage discount regardless of their age. Hundreds of drivers, who drive cars…

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Cheap Car Insurance With The Lowest Daily, Weekly Payments-No Deposit Or Credit Check Required

Online Car Insurance

PRESS RELEASE: The best way to secure a cheap auto insurance coverage for bad credit is to search no deposit car insurance companies that provide solutions without any credit check with daily, weekly or monthly payments. As there could be discounts offered on such packages, buyers also have the opportunity to get qualified for the lowest premium price rates. However, for finding the right type of company for your financial situation, it could be important for you to follow a systematic process. To that effect, you may use the specialist…

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Auto insurance confusion left behind by recent severe weather

Hurricane Isaac

Storms leave policyholders wondering about the extent of their coverage. The 2012 hurricane season is well underway, and now that a severe storm has left damage to many states, many are wondering about details such as the coverage of their auto insurance in these circumstances. The protection a consumer has for his or her vehicle depends on the perils covered by the policy. More broadly, though, there are some ways to look at a vehicle’s potential auto insurance coverage, based on the type that has been purchased. Auto insurance comes…

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Will your auto insurance protect you from the damage of molten tar on the roadway?

Just before Thanksgiving, there was an incident involving a tanker truck that leaked molten tar all over a busy roadway, leaving over 150 cars stuck in the sticky substance, unable to move. Even those that were towed from the area were often disabled by the hardening substance on the tires, wheels, wheel wells, and fenders. In this case, the Turnpike Commission was contacted by over 130 drivers in order to make a report of damage to their vehicles. The truck operator’s insurance company, Travelers Insurance, handled the claims that were…

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Do you know what to do if you hit an animal while driving?

Hitting an animal while you’re driving in your car can do a surprising amount of damage to both your car, depending on the size of the animal and how fast the car was travelling when the animal was struck. If you have comprehensive coverage as a part of your auto insurance policy, once you pay the deductible, the repairs to your vehicle will be covered. That said, the best thing that you can do beyond making certain that you have adequate insurance is to know how to avoid hitting an…

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Allianz announces the release of a new online home insurance protection

Allianz Insurance has announced that it is now offering a new home insurance product in Europe that is available exclusively online and offers customers the ability to construct a policy that is customized to their unique needs. The new home insurance product called “Your Cover” helps customers to buy the most basic level of comprehensive coverage, upon which they can add up to 11 additional optional forms of coverage – such as home business coverage, identity fraud protection, 24-hour home emergency assistance, and sports equipment insurance – in order to…

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