Health insurance decisions will need to be made by businesses

Health Insurance benefits

There is now less than a year for companies to decide on the employee benefit options they wish to provide. With New Year’s Day behind us, there is now less than one year before the heart of the healthcare reforms go into effect, causing companies to need to take a serious look at the health insurance benefits that they intend to offer once January 1, 2014 comes around. The overhaul to the system and the coverage laws will reshape the way American employers offer benefits. After the healthcare reforms go…

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Enrollment rate for employer offered health insurance plans is on the rise, according to Mercer

Despite reports that employers will be making cuts to the health care benefits they offer to workers as the Affordable Care Act becomes fully established in 2014, Mercer, an acclaimed consulting firm based in New York, says that quite the opposite will happen. According to Mercer, enrollment in health insurance plans offered by employers is increasing. The consulting firm surveyed a wealth of companies throughout the nation and found that the vast majority of them were bent on continuing to provide their workers with health care benefits. According to Mercer’s…

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