Massachusetts reaches health insurance enrollment targets ahead of schedule

Massachusetts health Insurance

State manages to procure an extension for the open enrollment period for its exchange With the insurance deadline here, Massachusetts officials have announced that the state’s insurance exchange has managed to surpass the enrollment goals of the federal government. Traffic to the state’s insurance exchange was very modest on the last day of the open enrollment period. In other states, consumers flocked to exchanges in order to find coverage, but many found that they could not enroll in these exchanges due to unresolved technical difficulties. Massachusetts currently has the highest…

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Massachusetts Commonwealth Care program brings more benefits to consumers

Health Insurance plans

Health insurance program gets a thumbs up Massachusetts health insurance exchange seems to be faring well, despite concerns that an exchange is not a viable solution to the current problems within the insurance industry. The exchange, called the Massachusetts Commonwealth Care program, has been operating since 2006, when it was established by legislation that is today being referred to as Romneycare, after Mitt Romney, who presided as governor of Massachusetts. The program was subjected to early criticism but has recently been showing strong results despite economic turmoil and a changing…

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