Commercial auto insurance is continuing its slumping trend

commercial auto insurance business

According to Fitch Ratings, this sector has been a “chronically underperforming product segment.” Fitch Ratings has revealed that the commercial auto insurance market as a whole had not only experienced an underwriting loss last year, but also that this was the fifth year in a row in which that happened. Fitch also said that the P&C market was in its third consecutive year of considerable underwriting profits. The American commercial auto insurance market has become a “chronically underperforming product segment” for insurers, said Fitch. These underwriting losses have even been…

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Increase expected for commercial insurance rates

Though consumers have been seeing steady increases in rates for casualty, property, home, and auto insurance, companies have not seen any notable raises in their own insurance costs. Yet. The sensitivity of businesses to increases for insurance rates runs much deeper, and some new competition has brought some of the business for commercial insurance to Canada. Those two factors have allowed the price of those plans and policies to remain relatively steady over the last few years. However, according to RSA Canada’s chief executive, Rowan Saunders, this trend will not…

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