Auto insurance basics remain a mystery to 68 percent of drivers

Auto Insurance survey

Nearly one third of all motorists could not correctly answer a multiple choice survey about their coverage. The results of a recent survey of American drivers have just been released and they have revealed that only 32 percent of motorists have an understanding of the basics of auto insurance. The questions that were asked involved the very basic details regarding vehicle coverage. The survey’s questions asked about the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance, the purpose of gap coverage, and other details that are considered to be quite basic…

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Auto insurance confusion left behind by recent severe weather

Hurricane Isaac

Storms leave policyholders wondering about the extent of their coverage. The 2012 hurricane season is well underway, and now that a severe storm has left damage to many states, many are wondering about details such as the coverage of their auto insurance in these circumstances. The protection a consumer has for his or her vehicle depends on the perils covered by the policy. More broadly, though, there are some ways to look at a vehicle’s potential auto insurance coverage, based on the type that has been purchased. Auto insurance comes…

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Why is rental car insurance important

Many people travel during the holiday season, and those travelers will also often be renting cars. During that experience, they will be offered the opportunity to purchase rental car insurance. However, many of those travelers don’t know whether or not rental car insurance is worth their money. While many consumers say that they never buy it, others feel that this is a rather shortsighted perspective. The fact is that car rental insurance is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time it is among the best ways to protect yourself when…

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