Colorado health insurance is very far from meeting its enrollment needs

Colorado Health Insurance

At the moment, only about 6,000 people have enrolled, but it requires over 136,000 to meet its goals. The Colorado health insurance exchange is well behind its goals for encouraging individuals throughout the state to enroll in their coverage in order to comply with the so called individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Far fewer consumers are purchasing the coverage that they need to comply with the healthcare reforms than expected. In fact, at the moment, the estimates of the Colorado health insurance exchange’s performance are that the enrollment…

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Homeowners insurance in Colorado to experience massive reforms

Colorado homeowners insurance industry wildfires

The tremendously destructive wildfires in the state have caused underwriters to come together to overhaul the system. Over the last three years, Colorado has experienced devastating wildfires that have ignited an overhaul of the state’s homeowners insurance system, in the hopes that consumers might begin seeing some positive changes over the next few several weeks. The situation in the states has undergone a considerable change that has brought coverage to the spotlight. According to Carole Walker, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association executive director, “The cycle of natural disaster has…

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Homeowners insurance in Colorado among 10 most expensive states

homeowners insurance colorado state flag

Catastrophe claims have caused the claims in the state to be among the most costly. According to recently released homeowners insurance news data, Colorado is now among the top ten states with the highest claims payouts resulting from catastrophes and natural disasters. This news was based on information from an analysis performed by the Insurance Research Council (IRC). The council’s analysis revealed that from the years 1997 through 2006, 26 percent of the homeowners insurance claims that were made in the state were the result of damage from catastrophes. However,…

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New insurance guidelines are providing women with new healthcare opportunities

Many women are already singing the praises of the changes in the coverage regulations for women under the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. Since the Act went into effect, the following additional coverages for preventive services have been added for women, without deductible, co-insurance, or co-payments: • All forms of patient, sterilization procedures, and contraceptive methods that have Food and Drug Administration approval. • An annual “well-woman” preventive care visit for women. • HPV virus screening every three years for women over the age of 30. • A gestational diabetes…

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Affordable Care Act offers women greater access to preventive services

Preventative health care has been a chronic challenge in the American healthcare system, but due to the fact that chronic diseases – which make up about 75 percent of the country’s health spending, and that they are the cause of 70 percent of deaths every year – are frequently preventable, this type of healthcare is now being pushed into the spotlight. Affordability has been one of the main problems holding back preventive services. Currently, most of these therapies, even those with insurance coverage, are subject to cost sharing, such as…

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