Allstate employs cloud insurance technology to grow new businesses

cloud insurance technology

The insurer may be in its 80s, but it is keeping up with the latest tech and changes in the industry. Allstate first opened in 1931, but the cloud insurance technology it’s now using shows that it has no interest in aging. The insurer is branching into new areas to be able to build and grow new business as its environment changes around it. Over the last few years, Allstate Insurance launched its CompoZed unit to boost software services development. This use of cloud insurance technology gives Allstate the ability…

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Insurance industry is turning to software solutions to continue adapting to changing market

cloud technology insurance industry

Berkshire Hathaway to make use of new cloud-based software solution from Accenture Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance has announced that it has accepted an offer from Accenture, a technology services firm, regarding the use of cloud-based property and casualty software. The software will be delivered through the Accenture Cloud Platform and will allow Berkshire Hathaway to consolidate and streamline its business processes. This is expected to enhance the insurer’s efficiency and help reduce operating costs to some degree. Cloud-based technologies and services are becoming more popular throughout the insurance industry. The…

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Insurance industry is being pushed to use the cloud

mobile cloud insurance technology industry

The rapid evolution of technology is pressuring insurers to consider new forms of data storage. Many businesses, including those within the insurance industry, are now finding themselves in a position in which they are being required to make important decisions regarding their current data storage processes, and those that would allow them to remain compliant, requiring them to use the cloud. This is proving to be a challenging and potentially costly switch, and many companies have been resisting. The insurance industry is well aware of the potential benefits of moving…

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