Florida Homeowners Insurance Market Sees Promising Shift with Depopulation Program

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The landscape of Florida’s homeowners insurance industry is undergoing significant changes as private insurers have absorbed 275,324 policies from the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp so far in 2023. These changes, spotlighted during the recent Citizens Board of Governors meeting, demonstrate a strategic attempt to balance the market through a process called “depopulation.” What Depopulation Means for Consumers For consumers, the depopulation program has a direct impact on their insurance decisions. Here’s what it boils down to: if a private insurance company extends an offer that exceeds a policy owner’s…

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Florida Insurance Crisis Intensifies With Predictions of a Harsh Hurricane Season

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Florida Homeowners Brace for Busy Hurricane Season Amid Skyrocketing Insurance Rates Florida homeowners, already bearing insurance rates that nearly triple the national average, now face the grim prospect of an “explosive” hurricane season, casting shadows on the financial resilience of the state’s insurer of last resort. With home insurance premiums in the Sunshine State escalating to an average of $6,000 a year—a stark contrast to the national average of approximately $1,700—Governor Ron DeSantis has called the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. “not solvent,” sparking concerns over its potential inability to…

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Florida insurance bills take steps nearer to becoming law

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Two bills meant to overcome the challenges to the industry in the state have moved ahead. Two Florida insurance bills taking aim at the rapidly rising homeowners and property rates have moved a step closer to becoming law in the state, having passed a key Senate subcommittee. Senate Bill 1728 was sponsored by Senator Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton). SB 1728 received overwhelming support in a vote by the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment and General Government of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill aims to make a string of changes. The largest…

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Citizens Property Insurance rate increase struck down by Florida’s Insurance Commissioner

Florida’s Insurance Commissioner has taken a bold stand against the state-run insurance company Citizens Property Insurance Corp. The insurer has been facing staunch opposition lately for a rate increase that will raise the rates of sinkhole coverage throughout the state by an average of 400%. Commissioner Kevin McCarty has ruled against the rate increase and now demands that the insurer make dramatic changes to their rate proposal. McCarty is keen to see the insurer propose new rates that are friendlier toward consumers. The insurer’s rate increase has been under investigation…

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Florida Insurance: Controversy over new property insurance bill

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been the subject of public scorn recently after pressuring the state’s lawmakers to form a bill that would significantly cut the number of policies that could be written by Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Scott has voiced his determination to reduce Citizens’ role in the state’s insurance industry for some time. He denies that his goal is the closure of the insurer, however. The Governor says that he recognizes the value of the insurer but insists that some changes need to be made to justify its…

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