Citizens’ home insurance changes get the nod from Florida lawmakers

Home insurance - Green light - approval

Both the House and the Senate have given the green light to a bill about insuring second homes As Florida continues to seek new ways to unload policies from its home insurance company of last resort, Citizens Property, the House gave its approval to a bill that could shift some second homes off the insurer and into the private coverage market. The Senate already gave its approval to the bill HB 1503 was passed unanimously by the Florida House after it had already received the Senate’s approval. Its next stop…

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Home Insurance Premiums in Florida Creating A Wide Range of Variations

Home insurance - Premiums Variable

While premiums have been sharply rising, quotes vary widely from one insurer to another. Though the average home insurance premiums for residents of Florida are very high and rising, the actual amount people are paying depends on a range of factors, and the spectrum is enormous. Homeowners are struggling to find out what they will need to pay for their coverage. The one thing that appears to be standard across the board is that home insurance premiums in the state are climbing. Florida has been edging on a crisis as…

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Homeowners insurance policies are still being dumped by Citizens

Florida Homeowners Insurance

The state backed insurer has said that it believes that it will be able to shrink to a smaller size than previously believed. Citizens Property Insurance has now received another wave of shedding homeowners insurance policies from regulators, and the company has now revealed that it will be able to reduce its size by more than what it had once thought. This latest round could allow the insurance company to shed an additional 93,500 of its policies. The state backed homeowners insurance company can now rid itself to up to…

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Homeowners insurance through Citizens in Louisiana is hanging in there

Citizens Louisiana homeowners insurance

Isaac claims have left the last resort insurer in pretty good shape. Though Hurricane Isaac certainly left its mark and was considered to be a “fairly significant event” for the homeowners insurance of last resort, Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the insurer was still able to cover the claims that came in and had the resources that it needed ready and waiting. This insurance news was released by Richard Robertson, the insurer’s chief executive. Citizens is the homeowners insurance company that sells its policies to people within the state who…

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Homeowners insurance company taking a look at its own expenses

aetna faces insurance fine

Citizens in Florida is examining its salary, travel, and management costs. Citizens currently faces $1.9 billion in expenses every year at the three corporate locations across the state, in order to provide homeowners insurance to policyholders throughout Florida. The leaders of that state backed insurer are now looking into those costs. This investigation includes both the pay and the benefits that are being received by its employees, as well as the costs associated with travel, and the expenses relating to its overall structure of management. Simultaneously, these company heads are…

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