Third largest insurance market is now China

China insurance market news

Figures released by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) show a surge over the past half decade. Following five years of tremendous surges in growth in the Chinese insurance market, premiums from that country have now brought it up to the third place spot among the largest marketplaces in the world. This was shared as a part of a report produced by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC). The third place insurance market position was actually achieved in 2015, though the figures were only just tallied by the CIRC. The…

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China insurance market growing too fast for domestic insurers to handle

China’s insurance market is experience major growing pains, according to a report from Standard & Poor’s, a credit rating agency based in the U.S. The Chinese market is, by all accounts, enormous and the potential for success in second to none. The full breadth of this potential success, however, is open only to Chinese insurers. Native insurers are now facing demand for coverage that they are having trouble meeting. Many companies, including New China Life, one of the largest life insurers in the country, are plagued with capital shortfalls due…

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