China to expand its expansive health insurance plan

China Health insurance Care Industry

Expansion will provide coverage for those with critical illnesses China has plans to expand its health insurance system in order to provide better coverage to those with critical illnesses that are living in rural and urban areas. By the end of the year, all those living in these areas will receive critical illness protection from the country’s health insurance system. At the end of last year, approximately 1.3 billion people were enrolled into the national system, which has provided these people will access to medical care. New plan will help…

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China set to launch new deposit insurance initiative

China insurance market news

New insurance initiative may provide depositors with some much needed protection China is launching a new deposit insurance initiative. The initiative is meant to protect depositors from the financial risks they face in the current economic climate. The insurance coverage provided to depositors will serve as a safety net from the losses they see when a bank fails to pay its own debts. A new insurance agency is being formed as part of this initiative and will be responsible for providing coverage to financial institutions operating in China. Banks will…

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