Bank deposit insurance draft rules launched in China

china people bank deposit insurance

The anticipated regulations for the upcoming system in the country has now been released in its draft form. China has now created the draft regulations for the introduction of a system of bank deposit insurance coverage for the very first time within that country, in one step among many that could be very meaningful in terms of liberalizing its interest rates and to give its financial institutions the ability to compete commercially for customers. The launch of these draft rules for the insurance program arrived shortly after it was revealed…

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China Auto Logistics announces the addition of vehicle coverage to its available services

China Auto Logistics Inc. – one of the top website developers in the country for sellers and buyers of both domestic and imported vehicles, as well as being a leading seller of imported luxury cars in China, and a top auto service provider – has unveiled its intentions to begin offering automobile insurance following a number of agreements with some of the top insurers and banks in the country. China Auto Logistics has stated that it hopes this new offering will help it to broaden its business for services in…

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