Health insurance rate increase in California lower than anticipated

California Health Insurance

Health insurance rates expected to spike throughout the US For the past year, insurers throughout the U.S. have been warning that health insurance rates would grow at an alarming rate due to the Affordable Care Act. These warnings have come from some of the country’s largest insurers, many of whom had suggested that consumers would be unprepared for higher rates in the future, leading to a phenomenon known as rate shock. In California, however, health insurance rates have yet to show signs that support the warnings coming from insurance companies.…

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Health insurance premiums are a motivator to live healthier

walking for health insurance savings

A recent study has shown that coverage costs can encourage people to exercise more and get fit. There was a great deal of controversy that arose when a health insurance company first started charging higher rates for individuals who were obese, but whether or not it is deemed appropriate or fair, a recent study has shown that it can give people the motivation they need to bring their weight down to healthier levels. When policyholders were given the choice to lose weight or pay more, they quickly started dieting. According…

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